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Limousines And Live-Action Cutscenes: Roundabout Demo

Right round baby

I say 'charming' and 'lovely' far too much. Granted, I am a moon-eyed fool in constant awe of the world, but it means you, dear reader, might be sceptical when I call Roundabout charming. But it is. As our Adam explained in his review of the puzzler set in a constantly-revolving limousine, it's a treat of goofy live-action cutscenes, funky funk, charm, and Kuru Kuru Kururin-ish puzzling. A demo has arrived on Steam so you can now see for yourself.

Roundabout sees Georgio Mano setting up as the world's first revolving limousine driver, spinning constantly and dodging obstacles as they ferry passengers about. The demo offers the first eight story missions along with one score-o-challenge. And lots of ace cutscenes.

I... sorry, you'll have to excuse me. I haven't really written anything (or spoken much) over the past two weeks so it's taking time to get the old word machine going. Quick! Quote Adam's review a bit!

It's a very silly game indeed but there’s a sweetness at its centre that would put even the finest fondant to shame. Through all the raised eyebrows, ill-fitting costumes and fluffed lines, Roundabout has a sincerity that makes me happy to recommend it to anyone, even if it did fool me into playing a puzzle game.

Right, yes. Those words that he said express the sort of thing I would say if I could find words okay.

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