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RPS Omnibus: Feb 17th- 23rd

All aboard, all aboard. Your destination: everything published on RPS in the last week. Apologies in advance for the bus conductor's 'busy hands'.

Features, Opinions & Interviews

    Paul Barnett on Gary Penn being his Lester Bangs: plus, Gillen on who your Lester Bangs should be.
    Still stunned by Jack Thompson
    The RPS Audiosurf Challenges - naming excellent tracks here, and fighting over Kate Bush here
    Retrospective: Dungeon Keeper - Bullfrog's other finest hour
    Jim at GDC - Witnessing the announcement of the PC Gaming Alliance, musing on the future of the PC
    he Making of Civilization 4 - Gillen talks strategy with Soren Johnson
    Ken Levine: but what does he mean? Alternate thoughts here and here, and bonus staring eyes here.
    The Making of Stronghold - Big in Germany


    Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. Abandon hope all ye who adventure-game here.
    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition - acclaimed but incoherent RPG to receive much-needed textual nip'n'tuck.
    Fez - Awesome dimension-distorting, IGF-winning platformer
    American McGee's Grimm - I demand we just call it "Grimm" from hereon in
    Blue Mars - Crysis-powered MMO
    Love - Jim gets very, very excited about this procedurally-generated, impressionistic online world
    Champions - City of Heroes gets a sequel, and it sounds spectacular
    InstantAction - Tribes-powered deathmatch from a web browser
    Aliens: Colonial Marines - All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the corps!
    Far Cry 2 - One man on an unstoppable anti-tree rampage
    APB - Potentially incredible new MMO from the Crackdown guys

Free games

    Avernum demo - turn-based roleplaying just like grandma used to make.
    Space Hulk - The classic tabletop game remade in pixels'n'stuff
    Grow Nano v3 - A hyper-cute webgame about illness.


    WoW: the tabletop game
    EA can't spell. And we're hypocrites.
    The 2008 Life. Love. Game Design Challenge - making teen dating violence into entertainment
    Overlord expansion incoming - Overlordier and Overlordier
    Tablula Rasa tanks?
    New Magic The Gathering Game
    Mike Stemmle join Telltale - a new hope for Sam & Max
    The soul of The Sims - See Will Wright's original source code for The Sims
    IGF winners announced - we gots your best games of the year right here
    Game Developers' Choice winners announced - gaming's top men pick their favourites of 2007. In comments: inevitable Portal vs Bioshock bickering.
    Riddick devs to resurrect mystery EA franchise - it's probably Shaq Fu
    GDC Luminary lunch - Dave Perry and chums muse aloud

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