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RPS Asks: What's your favourite gaming mouse?

Vote now for your bestest best mouse

We all have our favourite gaming mice. For me, it's a toss up between the Logitech G Pro Wireless and the ever so lovely Roccat Kain 120, both of which have been sitting proudly atop my best gaming mouse rankings ever since I tested them earlier in the year.

But chances are that there's a piece of plastic gripped between your clawed fingers that just feels right to you, and I want to know what it is. There's always going to be way more great mice out there than I'll ever be able to review myself, so take to the comments below and explain why your clicker is better than all the others.

We want to celebrate the mice you love most, so if you could include a couple of sentences about why you think your mouse is the best mouse, then please go right ahead. It will be helpful to see what you value most in a mouse, and what features are the most important to you. Is it the size and shape, a spinny scroll wheel, or re-programmable buttons that makes your palms sweaty? Or perhaps you don't care as long as it can survive being slammed into your desk in frustration over and over again.

If you're the first person to mention a particular mouse in the comments, then by all means start a new thread. If you just want to throw your hand up for a mouse someone's already mentioned, feel free to simply reply to that thread with a "+1". That way, it will be easier to work out a winner and keep everything nice and orderly.

Once that's done, I'll pick the five most popular mice from the comments in a second post for a final, winner-takes-all battle royale-style mouse-off. I'll then announce the winner next week, crowning it the official RPS Readers' Favourite Gaming Mouse of 2019. This crown comes with no benefits, but it'll be interesting.

So go forth and have a good old mousey chinwag. I'll be back on Thursday with your top five.

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