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RPS@PAX West 2022: Saturday daily round-up

Day two from the show floor

It's been one heck of a busy day for team RPS on day two of PAX West. It's now the weekend so the show floor was significantly busier, but not enough to keep us from getting our mitts on some games. That's right, we actually played some games today!

Have a click on the video below were we break down the day's activities and also to see us get booted out from the show floor when it closed at 7. Here's today's daily round-up:

This morning, I set out to play the murderous Pinocchio game Lies of P to see how I would fair kicking some major robot butt while Liam visited the folks over at Tic Toc Games to play a new demo build of their rougelike word game Writer's Block. We then high-tailed it over to the Team Fortress 2 cast panel, where a handful of the game's voice actors shared their experiences working on one of the most iconic multiplayer FPSs of all time.

Next up was the Adventure Games panel, where Ron Gilbert and a handful of other adventure game creator alumni chatted about their love for the genre. Gilbert then chatted with us in more depth about Return to Monkey Island, his official comeback to the series. To finish the day, Liam got his groove on with Rift Of The Necrodrancer while I visited the Yacht Club booth to play Mina the Hollower and Shovel Knight: Dig.

As always, if you'd like to see what else is at PAX, keep checking in with our RPS@PAX tag for new updates from the show floor. See you again soon!

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