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Flame On: Rust's Candle Hats

Light it up

Only in Rust’s [official site] dark wasteland would you ignore the obvious practical and safety issues of wearing a lit candle on your head.  Which, I suppose, is what makes Rust's dark wasteland so appealing. Stand up straight; the last thing you want is hot wax dripping down your face.

This exercise in masochistic torture is just one of the many new additions to Rust, as detailed in the latest Devblog. These weekly blogs give each member of the development team an opportunity to show off what they’ve made this week and plan their week ahead. It’s like being right in the studio for their Friday meetings, but with presumably less beer.

Other highlights include new barriers and floor spikes, as well as new playing animations and new radtowns on Hapis Island to explore. That’s really just scratching the surface, however, so make sure you check out the full blog post, as well as any previous posts you might have missed. There’s a ton of new stuff being added to the game each week.

There’s also a call to arms for anyone to let the dev team know if they spot anyone cheating. Tweet any instances you see to @rusthackreport and help keep the game cheater free. At least until Facepunch Studios get an in-game reporting solution sorted. Which, yep, is on their To Do List.

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