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Rust has added a big radioactive boat for you to squabble over

Plus some new gloves

A naked man stands before a tumultuous shore. Shivering, he surveys for trees or heads to bash. There's more than way to make a fire. He turns, prey in sight - as a foghorn shatters silence and concentration. The man's rock falls to his side, and the ship comes into view.

There's a big boat in Rust now. And also a new gun and some gloves.

As the patch notes proclaim, "The CCSC Lazarus has arrived". It's a cargo ship that rolls up every two to four in-game days, containing "valuable loot". It also contains scientists who'll shoot you if you try to take it from them, as well as scary radioactive stuff that can force everyone to abandon ship.

It'll be hotly contested, thanks to a foghorn that alerts everyone on the map to the ship's exact location. That means you've only really got a chance at bagging the high-end gear if you're already well kitted out, and naked newbies like me will have to just watch from the coast.

I'd love to see the devs figure out how to handle an event for less grizzled Rusters, but I'm still on board with events like this. There's a chance they can create interesting situations rather than familiar shootouts - I'm not sure if it works this way, but I can picture someone threatening to explode that radioactive gunk unless a rival hijacker agrees to split the loot two ways. When I reviewed the game, I found a fair few people were willing to go along with similar theatrics. Though that was mostly just me singing at people in the hopes they'd stop attacking me.

Also new is the L96, a bolt action rifle that pairs nicely with the 8X scope, also introduced in The Cargo Ship update. There are two new types of glove, too, which help deal with the cold and swaying hands. On top of that, there's new lighting, expanded clothes slots and prettier hemp. You can read about all the bits and bobs in the patch notes.

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