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Get a Samsung Odyssey monitor for a historic low price today

A unprecedented 20% discount code at Samsung's UK store gives you up to £250 off (plus a free 1TB SSD worth £142 on some models)

Samsung's gaming monitors at the company's UK store have hit all-time low prices thanks to a brand new 20% off code, which works on discounted items too. This includes their latest Odyssey G5, G7 and G9 monitors, which are up to £250 off for this weekend only. Here's what you need to know!

First things first: the code. This time it's P57USLFNU0, and it should work across Samsung's range of gaming and office monitors as well as things like phones, tablets and accessories. We're not really interested in mobile stuff though, so let's focus on the monitors for now!

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There are some incredible deals here, especially as the voucher code seems to stack with existing discounts. For example, the Samsung M50A is a basic 27-in 1080p monitor with some fancy wireless features, and it's been reduced from £229 to £179 as part of a sale. With the further 20% discount, you can pick up this monitor for just £143 - which is £86 off.

The same code also works with gaming monitors, of course, from the top of the line Odyssey G9 and CRG90 to the slightly more affordable Odyssey G7 and almost mainstream Odyssey G5. These monitors use curved VA panels, which offer incredible contrast and colour reproduction, making them great for gaming or watching films in dark environments.

a photo of the samsung odyssey gaming monitor, specifically the g9

The top of the range G9 and CRG9 also offer DisplayHDR 1000 certifications, as they can get incredibly bright to give HDR scenes their punch - a real rarity in the PC space where monitors normally offer less than half of the peak brightness. The latest Odyssey G9 and G7 also sport a 240Hz refresh rate at a super-wide 5120x1440 resolution, which again is quite unusual for an ultrawide and very desirable for anyone that plays fast-paced games.

Here's how the monitors stack up with the discount applied - n.b. you get a free 1TB Samsung T7 portable SSd with the super-wide monitors, which currently retails for £142!

No matter which one you choose, these are by far the best prices we've seen on these top gaming monitors and definitely not worth passing up if you're in the market for a display upgrade.

Do let us know what you think in the comments below!

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