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Save $500 on this RTX 2060-powered MSI gaming laptop

Plus 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

If you're looking for a gaming laptop with a high refresh rate display and buckets of storage, then have Newegg got the deal for you. Today only, you can get $500 off this MSI GF65 Thin, which comes with a full-fat RTX 2060 graphics chip (not one of Nvidia's energy efficient Max-Q versions) to make the most of its 120Hz 1920x1080 display, a 1TB SSD, plus a Core i7 CPU and a whopping 32GB of RAM. Normally $1900, this well-specced machine can now be had for $1400.

Admittedly, there are a couple of drawbacks. The CPU is only one of Intel's Core i7-9750H chips, for example, rather than one of their newer 10th Gen processors, and the SSD is a SATA drive (albeit in M.2 form) rather than a proper NVMe SSD. However, Intel's 9th Gen Core i7 still provides more than enough processing power for playing games and doing some light photo and video editing on the move, a SATA SSD is still miles better than settling for a traditional hard disk.

That said, if you'd rather spend your money on something a little more up to date, then you may do well to consider another gaming laptop on sale today: the similarly priced Gigabyte Aorus 7, which is also down to $1400 today from its usual price of $1600.

While not quite as big a saving as the MSI, this Gigabyte does indeed come with an Intel Core i7-10750H processor, as well as the same full-fat RTX 2060 graphics chip. You also get a proper NVMe SSD, too, albeit just a 512GB model here rather than a 1TB drive.

It's quite a bit larger than the MSI, as it has a 17.3in, 1920x1080 display rather than a 15.6in one, but you do get a higher refresh rate of 144Hz compared to the MSI's 120Hz. Still, it's definitely more of a desktop replacement laptop rather than something you'd contemplate taking on the go (if and when that becomes a thing we're able to do again, of course), so you'll have to decide whether you prefer a more sensible, up to date spec or something a little bit older that you can feasibly move about the house with.

Alternatively, Newegg have also slashed $400 off another version of the MSI GF65 Thin that arguably captures the best of both worlds. You'll still have to settle for a Core i7-9750H processor, but you get a 15.6in, 120Hz, 1920x1080 display, a 512GB NVMe SSD and the same RTX 2060 graphics chip all for a much more attractive $1100.

Of course, if you'd rather not spend over $1000 on a gaming laptop, then you'll find there are plenty of cheaper ones to choose from over in our budget gaming laptop deals hub. You won't find many with an RTX 2060 chip, all told, but you may be surprised by what you can get for your money.

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