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Sci-Free: Sanctum Adds Medals, Gets F2P Weekend

Sanctum 2 is suggestively eyeing 2013 from across the crowded, deafening-dubstep-blaring bar that is time, but the first in its tower defending lineage hasn't gone into cryogenic stasis just yet. Via its IndieDB page, Coffee Stain Studios has announced all sorts of free goodies, just because. Well, maybe not all of the sorts, but those of the progression-based medal and boss-fight-introducing map varieties - so basically the only sorts that really matter.

Sayeth the sentient reminder that you failed to keep a cup upright: "We always figured Sanctum lacked some kind of progression, and it was indeed irritating to not be able to see what maps you did beat and on what difficulty. When you beat a map in Singleplayer on normal mode you will now be given a number of medals depending on what difficulty you are playing. Go catch em all!" The new map, meanwhile, is based on Yogscast, if you're into that kind of thing. Sanctum's free-to-play on Steam until the dreadful beast that is Monday, and there's a 75 percent off sale to boot. It's a wonderful blend of FPS and tower defense, so burn the two games in those respective genres you were planning to play and consolidate. Efficiency!

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