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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: trains, ghosts, and cyberpunks

Looking at more interesting upcoming indies

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, we have cute trainline-building, ghost violence, surreal things both intentional and unintentional, and a cyberpunk New York City.

I like the Townscaper-style block-plopping of diorama-building game Islands & Trains (coming to Steam):

Smooth animation in the opening cutscene to adventure game-y puzzle-platformer Long Gone (coming to Steam):

Stylish stuff from twin-stick shooter Haunti (currently on Kickstarter):

A colourful cyberpunk New York City and some Vangelis vibes in a mysterious new run 'n' gun game from the folks who made Steel Assault:

Neural Nest has a cool concept:

Some great wallpaper and topsy-turvy exploration in a puzzle game tentatively titled The Office (yeah I don't see that name surviving):

I like the top-down rain effect in open-world RPG Deadwind (which has a "very old" demo on Itch):

A wee Team Fortress 2 fan joke in Red: Shadow Maggots (coming to Itch), a... TF2 fangame in the style of Raid: Shadow Legends?

A clever girl in survival horror game Primal Omen (coming to Steam):

Some sort of mascore Sonic violence in Panic Porcupine (coming to Steam):

Roguelikelike platformer Ants Took My Eyeball (coming to Steam) makes murk look good:

And honestly, I am here for this happy little accident in cute critter game Sunfluffs:

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