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Keep Scrollin' Scrollin' Scrollin': Mojang Release Scrolls

Second game from Minecraft devs

Well then, here it is: the second game from Minecraft developers Mojang. Scrolls officially launched yesterday, after almost two years in paid beta. The virtual collectible card game/board game was never going to be the next Minecraft, and they never intended for it to, so hey, let's forget all that and talk about what it is. It's out, for starters, at a new lower price of $5 (£3.20-ish).

In case you've missed it, I'll explain. Scrolls is somewhere between a collectible card game and a board game. Players build decks with units, spells, structures and all that, then deploy them onto hexy grids in turn-based battling. As well as, obviously, multiplayer battling, it's got singleplayer skirmishes and 'Trials' challenges.

This being a CCG, new cards (sorry, scrolls) come from somewhere, and Scrolls does let you buy them all (eventually) with the virtual currency earned by playing. Folks can craft scrolls from lesser ones and sell scrolls to other players too. Mojang also sell scrolls for real money but, to keep the game balanced, have put a cap on the amount players can spend.

This recorded showmatch demonstrates how it all works, and Scrolls does have a demo if you want to see for yourself.

Scrolls first came onto the scene a fair while before virtual CCGs like Hearthstone, Infinity Wars, and Hex, and I wonder how much those have drawn players away as it crawled through beta. Folks who've played enough, what do you make of Scrolls in comparison to its rivals?

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