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Stealthily Clean Murder Scenes In Serial Cleaner

A stealth cleaning game

Clean up scenes of bloody murder? Been there, done that, won the Employee of the Month award. But unlike Viscera Cleanup Detail, the goreswabber in the newly-announced Serial Cleaner [official site] is not meant to be there at all. Sneaking around the scenes of bloody murders, the cleaner needs to dispose of bodies, hide blood stains, and clear out murder weapons and other evidence. Serial Cleaner is a stealth cleaning game.

Infiltrating crime scenes from a top-down perspective, the moustachioed '70s chap will need to clean up while dodging cops and bystanders. I like stealth and I like cleaning so this is an unexpected confluence of my interests.

Unfortunately, developers iFun4all are boasting that levels in Serial Cleaner "take inspiration from actual 1970s murder scenes", which... no? I don't need or want that?

Serial Cleaner is due later this year. John didn't really dig iFun4all's last game, Red Game Without A Great Name, so I'm being reserved but I'll certainly keep an eye on this.

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One of the few games that could pander to me more would be a first-person stealth cleaner in an open-world cyberpunk megacity. With a grappling hook. Have me and my pals swing between the many balconies and outcroppings of a megacorp's megatower to clean up the remains of an exec who just experienced a hostile takeover out the boardroom window on the 582nd floor. A girl gang of cleaners whose cybernetic arms pop open to reveal fold-out mops, bleach hoses, nanofibre cloths etc. They race between cleanscenes on cyberbikes, with Road Rash-y bikebashing to slow The Man down and buy more time for cleaning.

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