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Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition Coming Soon

5 hours of new stuff

You can hang up your cool leather jacket and grow out your sloppy neon haircut, oh I know, but part of you will always want to yell "HACK THE PLANET!" and stick it to the megacorps. Harebrained Schemes just can't stop slipping back out into the grimy streets of our cyberpunk future. They revisted Shadowrun: Dragonfall with a Director's Cut, and now they're returning to Shadowrun: Hong Kong to expand it a bit with hours more stuff to do. What they're working on is a bit vague for now, but the important bit is that it'll be free.

Pretty much all we know about Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition comes from this Facebook post says:

"Almost ready to go back to Hong Kong? We're adding 5+ hours of gameplay and a Dev Audio Commentary! (Same low price, lots more content! And updated free to everyone who already has the game!)"

You can hear a snippet from the audio commentary on Soundcloud, about how everybody loves Kindly Cheng. The commentary has "over 100 minutes of developer insight and fun", Harebrained say.

The Extended Edition is coming "soon", so... within the next few months, I'd guess? Harebrained also have their roguelikelike Necropolis coming in March.

Alec liked the original release of Hong Kong, but found it all very familiar. How about you, and what would you want from the Extended Edition?

[Ta for the heads-up, Destructoid.]

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