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The Shadowrun trilogy is free via GOG until Monday

Three great cyberpunk RPGs for nowt

GOG are giving away the Shadowrun Trilogy - which includes Returns, Dragonfall and Hong Kong - if you signup to their newsletter before Monday. That's a lot of quality cyberpunk RPGs for free.

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Jim liked the original Shadowrun Returns back in 2013, arguing that it felt "like a vindication of the 'hey, let's do nostalgia and turn-based RPGs' thing on Kickstarter."

But it was Shadowrun Dragonfall that expanded the scope of the game, with more choice, a hub area, and side quests, and it properly wowed Alec. By the time Hong Kong arrived the following year, it felt like business as usual, but these remain three solid RPGs set in a beloved universe.

The Shadowrun Trilogy offered here includes the Director's Cut of Dragonfall and Extended Edition of Hong Kong, both of which substantially polished and expanded the base games.

GOG want permission to send marketing emails to the email address attached to your GOG account in exchange for the freebies, although presumably you can just turn them off again afterwards if you like. GOG are also in the midst of their own summer sale at the moment, if you want cheap games rather than free games.

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