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Shapeshift Gonk Druid deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)

What to expect from the potential new archetype in Rastakhan's Rumble.

Shapeshift - or Gonk - Druid is a Hearthstone deck we expect to see players experiment with following the launch of the game’s latest expansion Rastakhan’s Rumble. There are a number of new cards in the forthcoming set that push this new strategy of focusing on the Druid hero power, so we’ve begun speculating what that deck may look like.

Initially we felt that this would most likely work with Baku the Mooneater as the centrepiece, so that you acquire an obvious and sustained improvement to your hero power. Since the final card reveals were made, however, it seems like there are just too many good even-cost cards for this to be a thing. We'll have to wait and see.

Nevertheless, many of the new Rastakhan’s Rumble cards require you to kill a minion with your hero power for their effects to activate, so having that additional Baku attack power in your hero power seems tough to resist.

The options do feel a little limited at this moment, which may prevent this deck archetype from making any significant impact on the meta. All the same, we’ll be keeping a close eye on all further Rastakhan’s Rumble card reveals to see if there are any more tools to be added to the deck list in the future.


To get the site ready for launch we’re highlighting some early takes on popular decks. Here’s a list for Shapeshift Gonk Druid that’s subject to change over time, but will give you a starting point at least. It was created by Kripparian

Shapeshift Gonk Druid deck list - Rastakhan’s Rumble launch

2 x Pounce1 x Prince Taldaram
1 x Floop's Glorious Gloop2 x Arcane Tyrant
2 x Lesser Jasper Spellstone1 x Leeroy Jenkins
1 x Naturalize
2 x Wild Growth
2 x Wrath
2 x Ferocious Howl
2 x Branching Paths
1 x Flobbidinous Floop
2 x Swipe
1 x Twig of the World Tree
2 x Nourish
2 x Spreading Plague
1 x Gonk, the Raptor
1 x Malfurion the Pestilent
2 x Ultimate Infestation

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.


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When things have calmed down a little bit we’ll be overhauling all of our deck guides so bear in mind that the content below this point refers to an earlier version of our article.

Shapeshift (Hero Power) Druid - Relevant Cards

Here's an overview of the core cards that will likely form a part of any deck list built around the Druid's hero power. We've split them into odd and even cost categories, so you can think about the direction you might want to take this in.

We'll have at least one deck list for you ready for launch, but for now here's what you can think about in each case.

Odd Cards

  • Spirit of the Raptor: The new Druid Spirit card allows you to draw one card if you kill a minion with your hero power. It’s a nice effect if you can activate it, and you should be able to do so a few times.
  • Gonk, the Raptor – There’s the potential to squeeze some significant value out of this card’s effect if you’ve buffed your hero’s attack power for multiple hits.
  • Baku the Mooneater – Grants you an improved hero power if your deck only contains odd-cost cards. It might not be necessary to make this deck work but we’re sceptical of just how good it would be without it.
  • Claw – Cheap way to buff your hero power with extra attack power so you have a better chance of activating the effects on other key cards.
  • Savage Roar – Can buff the attack power of your minions as well as your hero power for a strong finisher.
  • Gnash – Offers exactly the same function as Claw but just grants more damage and armour at a slightly worse cost.
  • Blackwald Pixie – Allows you to refresh your hero power for multiple uses on a single turn. Good to get extra activations on some of the powers on new cards.
  • Savage Roar – Can buff the attack power of your minions as well as your hero power for a strong finisher.

Even Cards

  • Savage Striker – If the odd card restriction doesn’t seem necessary to activate Baku the Mooneater then this card may see play in the deck. It’s a well-statted minion that also comes with Savagery as a bonus – not great but OK.
  • Waterboy – Again, this would fall out of the odd-cost rule for Baku the Mooneater, but allowing you to use a free hero power could be very beneficial in the deck.
  • Pounce – A bonus two attack for zero mana looks like a perfect fit for Hero Power Druid to more easily enable some of its important card effects.

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