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Size up Yakuza: Like A Dragon's turn-based battles in this new interview

Beats on the streets

If you've not been scouring the internet for Yakuza: Like A Dragon gameplay since its release in Japan earlier this year, Sega dished out some details on the next game today. The highlights are of course new protagonist Kasuga Ichiban, a turn-based battle system, and a much bigger map.

I've only just gotten into Yakuza myself, falling absolutely head over heels and into a curb for Yakuza 0. Quite a time to enter the series, right as Sega are about to shake up some conventions for the organized crime 'em up. You can catch some of the important differences in the interview below with localization producer Scott Strichart.

As for the turn-based battle system, Strichart says that you'll have a party of up to six characters. Apparently Ichiban is quite the gamer himself, and the turn-based system plays to that. Different characters have different modern jobs—meaning things like "beerzerkers" instead of warriors—and their skills will reflect that in proper Yakuza style.

I'm usually more into turn-based battles than action, but after getting so engrossed in Yakuza 0's brawling I'll be sad to see it go. There do look to be quick-time style button presses associated with some attacks, which I imagine does keep a bit of that fast-paced flair.

Strichart says that Yokohama, Like A Dragon's setting, has nine districts. Getting a look at that map and woof, it's not open-world RPG massive but yeah it's bigger than then stomping ground I got use to in Kamurocho.

Strichart says there's also some solid business management stuff as well. I've been quite enthralled with running my cabaret club in Sotenbori so hey, you'll probably find me running Like A Dragon's confectionery company long after I've finished the story.

There's a lot more chat in the interview above to comb through for those of you like me who've not kept up on Yakuza: Like A Dragon details. There are of course wacky side stories—one involving a crawfish named Nancy? Yeah, that tracks as a Yakuza sidequest.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon has already launched in Japan. It will release worldwide later in 2020, though a specific date hasn't been given. You can find it on Steam until then.

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