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Skywind Video Shows Progress In Reviving Morrowind

They want your help.

I used to like total conversions not only for those few which were released, but for watching the development process in action. Untextured weapon models get a bad rap, but I like watching a plan come together or even partially together.

Skywind, then. It's an attempt to re-build Morrowind within Skyrim's engine, with re-build environments, textures, models and more. The latest update video shows just how far the project has come, while aiming to recruit more members to help finish it.

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To be clear, this has already progressed far beyond the untextured weapon model stage. They've rebuilt many of Morrowind's original environments and models, have some amount of combat and questing in and functional, have recorded their own (professional sounding) voice acting, and more. You can see the current state of affairs in the video above, but it's looking increasingly like this is a project that might finished.

They still need help, however. The team are now looking for sound engineers, Creation Kit users, 3D modellers, texture artists and much more in order to bring the project towards the finish line. For information on how to volunteer, head over here. There are many fine opportunities for people excited by Trello boards.

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