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Slay The Spire's fourth character will be free

But what will it be?

A fourth playable character is coming to Slay The Spire for free, developers MegaCrit Games announced today. They've muttered before about the possibility of adding more dungeoneers, and confirmed it today while also blasting the first update since their delightful deck-building dungeon-crawler left early access in January. My favourite Spireslayer is the Defect, the character which Mega Crit added long after the first two - and which seemed to really benefit from them getting a better idea of the shape, flow, and possibilities of Spire. I am mighty keen to see what new cards and systems they'll throw in now.

MegaCrit seem to drop a cryptic hint about Spireslayer #4 in the same manner as with the Defect, by casually including a diddy graphic in the post. With the Defect, they showed one of its orbs. With #4, it's some sort of... soul gem, power crystal, snazzy septagon, or other thing?

It's not a surprise that another Spireslayer is coming. "New characters are one thing you can count on," MegaCrit tweeted about future plans after the 1.0 launch in January. Note they said characters, plural. I am surprised to hear that it will be free. I feel a little cheeky having paid so little for a game I've enjoyed so much.

MegaCrit say they're also working on other "additional content" as free DLC.

In the meantime, see the v1.1 patch notes for more on today's update. You'll find performance improvements, bug fixes, and balance tweaks including removing pointless wastes:

  • Bottled Flame no longer appears if all of your Attacks are starter cards.
  • Bottled Lightning no longer appears if all of your Skills are starter cards.
  • You no longer run into The Cleric or Beggar events if you do not have enough gold.

If you want newness now now, check out what Dominic Tarason tells us are the best Slay The Spire mods.

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