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Smite World Championship 2016 Details

God squads

Developers Hi-Rez have announced that their 2016 Smite World Championships will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia from 7-10 January.

The prize pool for the Smite [official site] event won't exceed $1m (more on why - it's very interesting - here) and the venue is the same as last year - the Cobb Energy Centre. It was a decent-sized venue actually, on a par with Benaroya Hall which was the venue for the third Dota 2 International. They both have that Goldilocks thing going on - not too big and not too small.

The competing teams will be drawn from North America, Europe, Brazil, Latin America and Australia but it won't be until the Fall Split that exactly who that is gets decided. There will definitely be a new name to engrave on the trophy, regardless of who qualifies as last year's victors (Cognitive Prime) switched organisations and joined Cloud9.

In addition to the PC tournament there will also be the Smite Xbox One Invitational. It'll be cool to see how the metas for each version have diverged by that point.





Oh goodness. I'd forgotten exactly how cold Atlanta in January can be. If I end up going out there to cover this I might ask Santa for some kind of belted slanket I can wear for OUTSIDE TIMES.

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