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There's A New Soma Trailer, Because E3


It’s practically against the law for developers not to release a new trailer during E3. Even if we’ve already played and seen enough of the game to guarantee our purchase already. Soma [official site] devs Frictional Games have dodged their jail time by releasing this video of their upcoming underwater horror adventure ahead of its September 22nd release date.

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Frictional also attended the PC Gaming Love-In event at E3, where they showed off a scant few moments of new gameplay. Though brief, it's quite an effective sequence. More effective than the E3 trailer, even if the latter nicely showcases a bunch of the game's environments. Trouble is, I'm already sold, I just need it to be September already.

But there’s no way I'm wishing my summer away, so I guess this new footage will have to do for now. Having said that, if we see any more there's a risk of the game losing its mystery. Tricksy.

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