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Sons Of The Forest shows off multiplayer and slimy mutants ahead of its early access release

The survival sequel is coming out this week

Survival sequel Sons Of The Forest is only a few days away as it launches into early access on February 23rd, and the team is celebrating with a final pre-release trailer, exposing us to some nasty sights. Sons Of The Forest was originally going to launch into a full 1.0 release this month, but the team ultimately decided on an early access release since it worked so well for the game’s predecessor The Forest.

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The newest trailer shows a day-in-the-life scenario for the forest’s survivors. It begins rather peacefully, as a couple of friends walk through the woods and build a whole house together, plank by plank. The only thing missing was the jolly house-building tune from Red Dead 2. Of course, the trailer switches gears quickly, this is a game about surviving mutated cannibals after all. A gang of cannibals attack the newly built home in a scene that could be ripped out of a wave-based horde mode.

I had never played The Forest, so I was surprised to see some more supernatural enemies appear. One enemy type stretches their torso, flinging themselves into the ground like a Mr. Fantastic attack - thankfully the survivors had upgraded to a shotgun at this point. We recently learned that different monsters have unique personality types and leadership hierarchies, making these mutants even more creepy. Smart monsters are scary monsters.

I like games that let me spelunk around with my friends, running into (and away from) sticky situations while improvising with the in-game resources, and Sons Of the Forest looks like just that. The original Forest seems like a great “get lost, muck about, and have fun” sim, considering it made it onto RPS’s list of the best survival games. If things are too horrible for your tastes, the original also had a Peaceful Mode, disabling the gruesome cannibals completely.

Sons Of The Forest will be available on Steam early access this Thursday, February 23rd.

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