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Sons Of The Forest's latest patch ends Kelvin's treehouse-chopping antics

The latest patch also adds a hang glider, a boss fight, and a load of other fixes

The player waves at Kelvin as he stands dazed in Sons of the Forest.
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Sons Of The Forest has been a big success - so popular it may have crashed Steam - but players have had some quibbles about the survival sequel since its early access launch. Developer Endnight Games are looking to fix many of these problems, and add a bunch of new features, in the newest patch. Yesterday’s patch added a mid-game boss, a bucket of balance tweaks, multiple fixes for everyone’s absolute best friend Kelvin, plus much more. You can read the full list of changes in the developer’s Steam blog.

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Kelvin is a friendly companion you can meet in SOTF who will run errands at your command, although he’s gone viral thanks to his oddball AI and tendency to sabotage players - unknowingly, of course; he’s an angel. If you ask nicely, Kelvin can chop down trees and gather wood for players, but one recurring meme shows Kelvin destroying players’ treehouses, with occasionally deadly results. Endnight are putting an end to the fun with the patch, as Kelvin will now no longer cut down trees with player structures attached.

Other features include new pickups, such as the binoculars and Virginia’s leather suit, alongside a hang glider, an addition that automatically makes any open-world game infinitely more fun. “Some additional story elements” are also joining a mid-game boss fight in the food bunker.

New fixes and features are much appreciated, as Ollie’s early access review called out the game’s “incredible jankiness which, like the island's flesh-nibbling denizens, loves to raid and pillage its way through nearly every aspect of the game.” Ollie still loved the game’s “sublimely creepy atmosphere,” despite the early access jank, though.

If you’re interested in Sons Of The Forest’s gorgeous island, eccentric companions, or B-movie thriller cutscenes, the game is available on Steam for £25/€29/$30. You can also check out our guide for the best tips and tricks if you’re a survival starter.

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