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Sons Of The Forest’s newest update adds a demon boss and nerfs cat food

Cat pets next? Pretty please?

How are you surviving in Sons Of The Forest? Perhaps you’ve become a self-sufficient blueberry empire, surviving off handfuls of fruit while cannibals knock at your door. Or maybe you’ve gone full Charlie Kelly, consuming tins of cat food found around the island. If so, it’s time for a diet cleanse. Sons Of The Forest’s newest patch adds a demon boss, a new cave system, and tons of other improvements. It’s also nerfing cat food, since it was overpowered and, well, are there actually any cats in the game?

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The new demon boss is waiting at the end of hell caves, but it's far from the only addition in the second patch. Dead cultists have been added to the map, so keep an eye out for white-robed corpses - they may have some goodies on them. New story elements have also been introduced, along with a double-story cannibal hut type.

The cat food’s decreased fullness is being offset by increased fullness for MREs, so, just, eat like a normal person running from cannibals, damn it. Sons Of The Forest makes for a pretty good walking sim - if you’re willing to walk with both eyes shut - but your quaint wilderness walks might now be more solitary. The patch is making rabbits and squirrels harder to catch as they’ll run faster and further.

The survival sim’s last patch added several bug fixes for everyone’s best friend Kelvin, but I guess he still needs fixing. Our bestie will no longer be able to burn to death, as he’s sometimes attracted to campfires and will absent-mindedly walk into them. You’re perfect in my eyes, Kelvin. The other notable bug fix means you can longer drink water while swimming. It’s not a big deal, I just find the image funny. There’s a laundry list of other features, improvements, and fixes, and you can check them all out on the Steam patch notes.

Surviving mutated cannibals can be an arduous task, but RPS’ guides crew have everything you’ll ever need to know, from beginner tips and tricks to a fully interactive map. For those who have survived the forest, we also have a full breakdown of the ending.

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