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Soul Calibur VI shows off some samurai swordsing

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The Game Awards and its accompanying news orgy are over and everyone is settling back into normal life with a low-burning sense of shame. That sweaty night of news saw the announcement of sword-slashing fighting game Soul Calibur VI and its upcoming PC debut. We only saw some cinematic swordicuffs between staple characters Mitsurugi and Sophitia but some PlayStation salesmen have now shown more of the stabbing ‘n’ jabbing in an interview with producer Motohiro Okubo. It’s mostly fluffy talk filled with mild sycophancy but it does give a better idea of what players will see and do, including a reversal mechanic.

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If you’re new to the Soul Calibur arena, just know that here you use giant, sharp implements to hurt your opponent, instead of a bunch of fives. And you can also win a round if you knock your opponent out of the “ring”. They’re also introducing something called “Reversal Edge”.

“This technique,” they say, “gives the player an opportunity to read an opponents’ attack and land a powerful counter.”

It seems to be a way of entering slow motion and doing some flashy rock-paper-scissoring, which the producer says will be easy to do. It also looks like a retort to the cinematic Rage Art of Tekken 7 and those odd moments in Injustice 2 where your superheroes look deep into each other’s eyes and bet who secretly loves the other more.

There’s still no news on characters or a solid release date beyond “some time in 2018” but I am putting my money on the following crossover appearances:

The Dinosaur from Tekken

The Shoveller from Mystery Men


A pigeon from Hatoful Boyfriend

Disney’s Robin Hood

Jar Jar Binks


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