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Nier: Automata's 2B cutting into Soulcalibur VI as DLC

Glory to mankind

If the sexy horrors emerging from Soulcalibur VI's character creator hadn't already convinced you that it's the horniest fighting game, the next DLC character might sway you: it's 2B from Nier: Automata. Oh 2B, 2B, poor 2B, the robogoth cursed to fight an endless war for the glory of mankind dressed as a sexy fightmaid. (Don't judge: once you recognise the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words and deeds.) She's "coming soon", Bandai Namco announced over the weekend.

2B's Soulcalibur incarnation shares a number of moves with her Automata form, swinging her swords, biffing with her giant fightfists, zapping special attacks from her Pod pal, and dodging in her snazzy way. She's also bringing her own stage background and music (ah, Automata's music is so wonderful). For dressing-up, she also brings her Kainé outfit from the Automata DLC (itself borrowed from the first Nier), extra costume bits (including Emil's head and, also from the first Nier, Grimoire Weiss), and some of her zappy Type-40 swords.

Observe, fisticuffs:

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2B is "coming soon" as DLC. The first DLC character, Tira, costs £4/€5/$6 on her own so I'd expect 2B to cost about that. Or all four planned DLC characters are thrown into a £25 season pass with some extra bits. That's getting pretty pricey for a game which costs £50 in the first place, a bone of contention for Brendan in his Soulcalibur VI review last week:

"In all, I'm pleased by my scrappy fights, and my tutelage of Hooves the horse man continues. One sad thing to note is that £50 is a high price, a fandom price, and that's a pity. Because the character creator, thorough tutorials and RPG-ish story modes are an open-armed invitation to folks who might normally run away from fighting games with their arms flailing. I imagine lapsed fans too, looking at these weird vampires and demons and nightmarish Sonics might think to themselves: 'I used to love Soulcalibur. Maybe I could...' But then they'll see the price tag, and all that good will and Dreamcast nostalgia will vanish like a closed browser tab."

Hooves is the weird character he's made, of course, after his experiments with horny lizard lads. Hey, at least Brendan's lizlads didn't thrust their giant dicks in the air.

Soulcalibur does already come with enough bits to make a passable 2B knock-off, mind. Or an inscrutable giant rainbow cube. Video games, what a thing.

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