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Space Crew is the sequel to Bomber Crew, with a demo soon

More FTL-like than ever

Bomber Crew was already a bit FTL-like, and its sequel is leaning in. Space Crew swaps the original's World War 2 setting for outer space, but otherwise still looks to be a strategy game about telling your vessel's crew what to do as you launch missiles and catch fire. The announcement trailer can be found below.

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Oh, I do hate self-aware trailer voice overs. Bomber Crew was a charming surprise though, so I'm quietly optimistic about this sequel. It has you zooming across the galaxy to defend humankind, which sounds exciting, but the real appeal is in the ways you can customise your crew and ship. I'm not talking about upgrading weapons, but the ability to give your ship a silly name and name everyone onboard after your real friends.

If you want a better sense of what to expect, have a read of Adam's (RPS in peace) Bomber Crew feature from back in 2017. He enjoyed himself, even if he was terrible at it.

Space Crew is up on Steam now for wishlisting and there will be a demo released on June 16th as part of the Steam summer festival. The full game is aiming for a September release date.

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