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Spelunky 2 arrives next month, but probably not for PC

Give us a date, Derek.

The good news? Spelunky 2 comes out next month! Hooray! The bad news is that, in all likelihood, the spelunkin' sequel's release will be exclusive to Sony's PlayStation tellybox. Boo, hiss, and all that rubbish. But while a PC release date remains as elusive as an eggplant, we can still enjoy a deeper dive into Spelunky's caves with developer Derek Yu.

Spelunky 2 had its release date dug up during tonight's PS4 State Of Play, courtesy of a short tour of several new features scattered throughout the sequel's caverns.

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PC or not, tonight's trailer did show off enough shiny newness to get excited about a return trip to Derek Yu's mines. Naturally, we get to see more of the sequel's online co-op nonsense and beautiful fluid physics. But then, we see a lovely little hub space to chill out in before adventures - your own personal Moria, filled with NPCs met along your travels.

The spelunkin' is also more complex this time 'round. Branching paths open up a myriad of routes through your run, while individual maps are littered with interactable curiosities (rideable turkeys!). Yu points out the first game's shops as a focal point for runs, and has buffed them out in the sequel with plenty of new shop types, along with several new NPCs who'll show up to make or break your day.

Those lucky sods on PS4 will get their hands on Spelunky 2 on September 15th. Yu has certainly confirmed a Steam release, but I'd hope we wouldn't have to wait too long to get our shot on PC, but mind that - even as one of the best PC games of all time (and not counting Spelunky's 2008 freeware debut) - there was still a good year between the first game's Xbox launch and its later PC port. Do us a solid and don't keep us waiting too long, Derek.

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