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Spelunky 2 launches for PC on September 29th

It's a date you can dig

There's good news in the world of cartoon-y death dungeons today. Spelunky 2 has a PC release date and it's actually just a bit earlier than I'd speculated. The sequel to the well-loved procedural-generated cave escape will launch for PC players before the end of this month.

Mossmouth announced not long ago that they planned to release the game on PC shortly after the PS4 launch. PlayStation folks will get their hands on the sequel on September 15th. Despite 2020 being the year of delays for even the most well-laid plans it seems like Mossmouth won't be deterred. They've come in on the short end of their estimated window, planning the PC release for September 29th.

This time around, the spelunking crew is headed to the moon to dig up treasure and family. Spelunky 2 says it'll have more characters, items, and traps to discover. "The world has expanded in other ways, too, with branching paths and multi-layered levels adding a third dimension to the classic 2D platforming," say Mossmouth. "Animals can also be tamed and ridden. And dynamic liquid physics create new challenges and make the world feel extra reactive and alive." You'll also be able to play online co-op in addition to local multiplayer.

You can find and wishlist Spelunky 2 over on Steam where it will launch on September 29th.

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