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Spelunky 2 shortcuts: what items are needed to open all tunnels

All the requirements for Mama Tunnel

Spelunky 2’s shortcuts offer you the opportunity to skip through levels if you complete them enough. This is done by meeting Terra, who’ll be there and waiting for you once you’ve beaten a world.

You’ll need to fulfil certain requirements to unlock the shortcuts though - here’s what you need to hold onto.

All items required to unlock Spelunky 2 shortcuts

The first shortcut is unlocked after you beat 1-4 in Adventure mode. Terra, or Mama Tunnel, will be waiting there with her shovel and smile, asking you for a little help with getting her shortcut together. She’ll need a hand with getting her resources together though. Here’s what you need to bring her for the first tunnel - remember you have to bring them through on three separate runs:

  1. $2000 cash
  2. 1 bomb
  3. $10,000 cash

You can then enter the shortcut on the left hand side of the Adventure’s hub area.

To unlock the second shortcut, you’ll need to bring the following items after reaching 3-1, again in three runs:

  1. 1 rope
  2. A weapon
  3. A mount (like a turkey or rock dog)

The final shortcut is found after 5-1, and must be opened by giving Terra:

  1. $50,000 cash
  2. Hired hand (obtained from shops or coffins)
  3. Golden key (obtained in world 1, must be carried all the way here)

That’s all the shortcuts for Spelunky 2! It’s absolutely hard as nails, so don’t worry if it takes you some time to get used to all the intricacies. We have a handy beginner’s guide to Spelunky 2 if you’re struggling to get past the first world, so feel free to give that a gander.

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