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Spelunky 2 turkeys guide - how to tame turkeys, all uses

Talk about me you better hashtag turkey.

Turkeys are the most basic mount available in Spelunky 2. They'll be kicking about in the dungeons from world 1, and have a series of handy uses. From increasing your health and double jumping to taking a bullet secret-service style, these poultry pals will be extremely handy early on in the game.

You can also gift them to Yang, an NPC who exchanges fancy treasure for turkeys. No idea what he does with them but hey, loot is loot.

Here's what you need to know about turkeys in Spelunky 2, and how to tame and use them to your advantage.

Spelunky 2 turkeys guide

Turkeys are a fun new addition to Spelunky 2, and they can be tamed and ridden to offer numerous bonuses such as avoiding damage and an extra jump. They aren’t freebies though - you’ll need to tame them first.

How to tame turkeys

It’s easy, since turkeys can’t hurt you at all. Just walk up to them and jump on their back like you would with Yoshi, and you’ll mount them.

Be careful though - the turkeys won’t be best pleased and will run about for a few seconds before you can control them. They’ll fall off ledges, run into enemies, and generally act like a wild animal, potentially putting you in harm’s way in the process.

It’s best to tame your turkey when no enemies are around and you’re in an enclosed space. A small divot in the ground is perfect, as it’ll just run into there and you’ll be good after a second or two. You’ll know when the turkey is tamed when little hearts come up in front of it.

You could always whip the turkey and carry it to a safe location if you have the time and energy to do so.

How to give turkeys to Yang

The turkey in the enclosure beneath Yang is his baby, so don’t take it or he’ll be furious. Don’t attack it either. Instead, go get another turkey and plonk it with his existing one. You'll need two turkeys to be rewarded, so keep taming them and bringing them to him, and he’ll eventually give you a key to unlock the door where the turkeys are. It's easy to tell when your turkey has registered - Yang will thank you each time and drop the key when you're done.

Go through the door and you’ll get a few treasures to help you on your journey. These rewards can range from a bit of cash to more helpful stuff like bags of bombs or items like spectacles. You can always take a turkey for the road when you're done too (but remember, if you nab Yang's he might get grumpy).

Other uses for turkeys

  • Killing a turkey with a bomb turns it into a delicious roast and heals you by 1 point. It was an accident.
  • You can attack with your normal attack button, and the turkey will bonk directly in front of you with its head.
  • Dismount the turkey by holding up and jumping
  • Turkeys can take damage in your place while you're riding them. It'll knock you off of the critter's back, but save you from things like dart traps and baddies
  • It's possible to take turkeys between levels just by remaining mounted as you go through the door to the next level
  • Hold down the jump button while in midair to slow your descent, allowing you to avoid fall damage and drop more accurately

Some more Spelunky 2 tips and tricks will be coming from us soon - for now check out our Spelunky 2 beginner’s guide. It’s a tough ol’ beast, but mastering Spelunky 2 is an absolute treat.

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