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Spider-Man Remastered mods already let you dress up as Stan Lee, Miles Morales, and lots more

I'm something of a modder myself

It's taken mere days since the release of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC for players to crack open the game and noodle with its insides. Thus far the result is a slew of reskin mods which let you replace Spidey with other characters and play while looking like Kingpin, Miles Morales, Mary Jane, or - as pictured above - Stan Lee.

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Note that these really are just reskins, and are designed to replace one of the alternate outfits you can put on Spider-Man in-game. You might be able to look like Vulture, but you'll still have Peter Parker's standard abilities.

Still, after years of replacing Grand Theft Auto protagonists with models of Marvel characters, it's nice to do the same in an actual Marvel game. I'd recommend Kingpin, Norman Osborn, Mary Jane, Vulture, all by Robin, plus Miles Morales and Peter Park in a labcoat by tiffsomniac, Harry Osborn by Exilekk (made better by the pole glitched through his head), Blackcat by GraviT, and Rhino by JPSkywalker98.

Most of all I'd recommend Stan Lee, also by Robin, because who better to school young punks in Spider-Man Remastered's many melee fights.

All of these mods are available via Nexus Mods and you'll also need the Spider-Man PC Modding Tool by jedijosh920 in order to install them. The tool allows you to "extract and replace any asset in the game's asset archives". There are instructions on where you need to place each asset file through on the Nexus Mods pages.

If you missed it before now, Spider-Man Remastered came to PC last week and is a grand time, according to Alice. Mods make everything a little grander, according to me.

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