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Star Wars Battlefront Beta Extended Through Tuesday

As betas always are, it seems

If it wasn't multiplayer focused, I'd say Star Wars: Battlefront [official site] was a game solely made for Star Wars Dads. It has a fetishistic approach to the sound and texture of the original trilogy which seems designed to massage the nostalgia glands of, well, Alec, if his impressions of the beta are anything to go by. If you too are suppurating nostalgia from places, you might be glad to know that open beta has been extended through tomorrow.

A short forum post on the Star Wars Battlefront site announced the change, though it doesn't offer a precise time for when the servers will shut down. While the beta continues to run, EA DICE are going to be running some "technical tests", which according to another post may lead to some players experiencing "occasional issues such as being kicked from the game or losing connectivity." That sort of stuff is kind of what betas are for, so it's to be expected.

An awful lot of betas get extended these days, but Star Wars Battlefront is different in that it's open to all. Assuming that you're willing to download and install EA's Origin download client, of course. You can find more details on the beta here.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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