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Star Wars Battlefront Free Trial Blasts Off

helpp how did this picture get here

I only just found out May the 4th was a special day for Star Wars: the 40th anniversary of that fateful day George Lucas was struck with inspiration for a space-hairdresser made of LEGO. Sat beneath a starfruit tree, Lucas was knocked in the noggin by a falling fruit then leapt to his feet shrieking "Death to stars!" The rest is history.

That's why Titanfall devs Respawn announced they're making a Star Wars game, why Alec declared some other Star Wars game was blah, and why DICE's third-person shooter Star Wars Battlefront [official site] now has a free timed trial.

Skywalk on over to Origin and you can download the full version of Star Wars Battlefront to play for four hours (only ticking down while the game's running). That's enough time for a whistlestop tour of its maps and modes, though it doesn't include the DLC. EA don't say how long this will be available for, whether it's permanent or temporary (they can be weird, that lot), so get in while you can if you're interested?

Heck, maybe four hours is the perfect length - enough time to get swept up in the excitement of Star Wars with Battlefront's lovingly-recreated zapguns and characters and locations, but not long enough to get a bit bored of the whole thing. As Alec said in his Wot I Think:

"Battlefront is a beautiful tribute to Star Wars. It’s also a simple game, because it reasons that most of its players simply want to be in those places, looking like those characters, flying those spaceships: that's the fantasy it sells."

Heck, I might give it a download just to romp around the redwood forests of Endor.

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