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Star Wars Battlefront Has Free Maps On The Horizon

In case you feel like you've spent enough...

My favourite Star Wars film is the one with Liam Neeson. Star Wars Battlefront [official site] is set much later, and next film The Force Awakens even later still. Battlefront's first free content update will bridge that gap a little with The Battle of Jakku - and EA say there will be more "new maps and Star Cards, for free in the coming months."

The Battle of Jakku takes place 29 years before the events of The Force Awakens, in the moments after the Star Destroyer from the film's trailer has crashed into the planet. The New Republic is there to face "key Imperial holdouts" in the wake of the Battle of Endor. The pack adds two new maps, including one that will work with the Walker Assault and Supremacy modes. There's more detail of the update on the Battlefront site, including of a new mode, Turning Point, in which the rebel side is attempting to locate enemy bases and take control of them. The map's coming next week to folks who pre-ordered, then will open to all the week after that.

Just like Rell, my favourite Star Wars character, EA are otherwise being taciturn when it comes to information about what the other free maps might be. Alice has already detailed all the season pass DLC that's on the way, however. There's lots of it. Though it seems a shame there's, as always, no plan to introduce my favourite Star Wars weapon, the magical throwing glave.

If you're yet to play Star Wars: Battlefront, you can read Alec's review first. Just like the wise old seer in my favourite Star Wars film says, "Here is the knowledge you seek."

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