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Star Wars Battlefront Revisiting Hoth In New Free Stuff

Cor, that's a fair bit for free

Two months after the release of a multiplayer-focused game seems a good time to ask: how are you getting on with Star Wars Battlefront [official site] nowadays? What do you like, and what do you wish it had? And how does your wishlist stack up against DICE's planlist? The developers have shared their plans for the next few months, which include a patch adding private matches and cosy outfits ↑ today, two free new Hoth maps in February, a new Endor map in March, and, of course, plenty of paid DLC.

So! Today's update adds the ability to create private matches, support for more modes on the Tatooine Survival map, sensible winter outfits for Luke and Han on Hoth, daily challenges and community events, and balance tweaks.

Next month will bring a new Hoth Survival mission and a new Hoth map supporting the larger modes like Fighter Squadron and Supremacy, and more maps will get support for that Turning Point mode added by the Battle of Jakku update. Then come March, DICE will release a new Endor multiplayer map and a new Survival map set on Tatooine.

As for paid DLC, that's lined up between March and--strewth!--early 2017. Four packs will go romping around Jabba's palace, Cloud City, the Death Star, and... somewhere else, I guess. A secret. A mystery! I'd casually toss out the suggestion of maybe something tying into the next Star Wars movies?

I've just realised how unlikely it is that a new Star Wars came out without a rubbish video game adaptation. The reason why is, of course, because they're rubbish, but I'd barely noticed that publishers had realised that too. I can't even think of the last blockbuster movie adaptation I saw. Gosh! The world became a better place and I hadn't even realised.

Anywho! Check the blog post for more info on all these Battlefront newbits.

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