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Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Trailer Stomps Over Hoth

Pew pew!

Update: Now with a co-op trailer too!

I don't trust most people's opinions on Star Wars-y things. They're weakened by nostalgia, too keen to remember the time when they were young and beautiful and free. But you can trust me. I barely saw Star Wars as a kid and hold little affection for it. When I say "Gosh-o! Star Wars Battlefront [official site] looks pretty swanky all right!" it's because I want to drive a giant robocow through the snow, blowing up little spacemen.

EA showed off some multiplayer action during their E3 show, and it is quite exciting. Come see:

Cover image for YouTube video

You might say that it's staged, and you'd be right. The trailer's made of gameplay footage (captured on a PlayStation 4, curiously), but clearly arranged so grand battles go the hero gets to do heroic things without dying then edited to show the highlights of even that.

All the same: that's some pretty cool stuff, isn't it? The cow lumbering into view is great. Sure, a tank in Battlefield may be intimidating, but it doesn't tower 22.5 metres above the battlefield. Getting to play as Johnny Blackhat or his kid looks pretty fun too. Now if they can show some proper gameplay - you're being spawn-camped, half your team is AFK, someone keeps screaming over voice chat - and it still looks that flash, that'd be something.

The game's due on November 17th, 19th, or 20th depending on which ocean you sit behind. Naughty naughty, EA.

And here's that new co-op trailer, which arrived a few hours later:

Cover image for YouTube video

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