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Star Wars: Battlefront Awakens Next Month

Oh lordy-lord, there's going to be so much Star Wars this year, isn't there? You won't be able to move for stars here and wars there. It'll be like late 1998/1999 all over again, and we know how that turned out, don't we? Just added to what's a rapidly-bloating list of Forceful things to happen in the long run-up to the film itself is an official reveal for EA's long-in-the-works reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. So far as we know, this is still in the hands of Battlefield-marshals DICE, which is a relatively decent pedigree for a shooty-blast multiplayer game. EA's just announced that we'll get to take a look at this new version of the beloved (by some) Rebels vs Empire shooter next month, at the official Star Wars Celebration.

The big ol' Let's Pretend The Last Three Films Never Happened shindig is being held in Anaheim, California on April 16-19, and I guess we're going to also be festooned with movie trailers and nu-expanded universe stuff then too. EA aren't giving much away, as indeed they haven't since first going on the record about the new Battlefront back in 2013, but you can read their short announcement here if you like.

I would imagine this game is going to be enormous, whether or not it's any good. The timing is right. EA's various Wattos will be rubbing their hands with glee.

Here's a trailer for the Celebration thinger. Everything Is Awesome, etc.

Cover image for YouTube video

And here's the Battlefront trailer form 2013. I'm fairly detached about Star Wars these days, but honestly, I'll never tire of AT-ATs. A Lego AT-AT might just be the first thing I buy if ever I'm rich (I will never be rich).

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Speaking of Star Wars, Kieron's Darth Vader comic is pretty good, and makes ol' buckethead genuinely fearsome again. You should go read that.

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