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Star Wars: Squadrons trailer explains a whole lot more

As they say in Star Wars, yippee!

EA tonight showed off more Star Wars: Squadrons in a new trailer, following its cinematic announcement on Monday. It may not be a straight gameplay video with all the answers you'd hope for but it does explain and show a fair bit. It does also: look very pretty with its lasers and explosions.

So it looks like at least some element of managing your weapons/shields power balance like in ye olde X-Wing and Tie Fighter games?

With both Empire and Rebellion playable, Squadrons will have a singleplayer story set after the events of Return Of The Jedi. 5v5 multiplayer is coming with several modes too, supporting cross-platform play between PC and consoles. Also it'll support VR, if you wanna get gogged off your face with Picard and the boys.

Seeing Monday's announcement gave our Nate a strong feeling nostalgia for the 90s Tie Fighter game, wanting. After a little reflection, he came back saying "I'm not sure it's possible for there to be a successor to Tie Fighter." Probably right.

Star Wars: Squadrons is due to launch October 2nd on Steam and Origin. It will cost £35/€40/$40, or is covered by an Origin Access Premier subscription service. It's also headed to Xbone and PS4. For now, see its website for more info.

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