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StarCraft 2's UI Is Being Revamped In Patch 3.0

What's the worst thing in between you and interplanetary domination in StarCraft 2? It's not the endless hordes of revolting Zerg. It's not the condescending space-worthiness of the Protoss, or the wannabee space cowboy antics of the Terrans. It's the menus.

Luckily, that's all gonna change when patch 3.0 lands.

The changes are all explained in detail over here, or in the video below.

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There's all sorts in there, explaining the 'benefits of multiple windows', visual references to Brood War, making the game's Arcade creations easier to browse, and other changes to how chat works. They say they're aiming for 'a more social experience', which involves making chat channels more accessible, increasing chat room sizes and kicking inactive people. So if you like to do your socializing in Starcraft 2 chat channels, this is the update for you.

I don't mean to sound derisive, this is just a news post about a UI overhaul in which I've ran out of things to say. There's a new UI, It's almost certainly better than the old one. Some of you will read through all those changes, nodding or shaking your head at the small yet overall significant impact they'll have on your experience with the game. Most of you will not. Videogames.

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