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Stardew Valley democratically decides to add banana "trees" next update

Fancy a peel?

There was never really any question, was there? In the hierarchy of fruit popularity, bananas are right up there with apples and strawberries - not particularly exciting, but safe. Reliable. Always there when you need 'em. So when Stardew Valley asked players what fruit they'd like hanging out on their farms in the update 1.5, there was only ever one answer. Passionfruit was robbed.

This week, Stardew Valley creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone took to Twitter to ask farmers what fruit they'd like to add to their home in the valley's next update. The result, honestly, couldn't be more predictable.

Hope you're all bananas about bananas.

Banana narrowly beat out mango and avocado trees. Poor passionfruit, meanwhile, was decisively thrashed.

Here's a fun fact. Did you know neither Bananas nor Passionfruit actually grow on trees? Neither did Barone until posting this poll, learning that the latter grows on a vine while the former is actually the largest herbaceous flowering plant - big enough that folk often confuse it for a tree. That's your late-night fruit fact for the night, reader.

There's no date yet planned for Stardew Valley's next free update. With two new games on his plate, who knows when he'll find time to unpeel another patch for the farming sim. At least we've got modders to fill in the time, or else ensure that bananas will the same loving animation treatment bestowed upon dozens of the game's fruit, drinks and furniture items.

Otherwise, you could always try beating out FOMO by modding Stardew Valley into something more akin to Animal Crossing.

Not me. I, uh, caved. Bought it. Sorry.

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