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Starfield Entangled mission: How to save both universes

The best of both worlds

The player in Starfield speaks to Rafael during the Entangled mission.
Image credit: Augiesaint/Bethesda Game Studios

How do you save both universes in the Starfield Entangled mission? In fact, you may not even be aware it's possible to save both universes in Starfield - I sure wasn't until I looked it up after already deciding on which one to save, sacrificing the other. So while you can pick one or the other, if you go to a little more effort, you'll net some sweet rewards for saving both universes during the Starfield Entangled mission.

To set the scene, Entangled is one of, if not the best mission in Starfield. It sees you jumping between different universes in a bid to save Rafael, an engineer who is stuck in one universe thanks to a reactor explosion, while his colleagues all died. Meanwhile, in the other universe, all his colleagues are alive and well, while they believe Rafael died in the labs they can no longer access. Here's what you need to do to save both universes and net a legendary reward.

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How to save everyone in Entangled

Bear with us, because there are quite a few more hoops you need to jump through to save everyone during Starfield's Entangled mission. We'll assume you've successfully followed the mission so far to the point where you must decide which universe to save, when your objective is to activate seven power switches. Here's the bullet point breakdown, but keep reading for more details.

Here's how to save everyone in the Entangled mission:

  1. When your objective is to activate seven switches, kill all the enemies in both universes.
  2. Activate all the switches in the doomed world, and do not touch them in the surviving world.
  3. Select the degaussing option on the Lab Control Computer in both worlds, then toggle on and off the numbered switches it requests.
  4. Select Frequency Calibration then set the doomed world to 24Hz and the surviving world to 40Hz.
  5. Activate the Primary Calibration Control and voila! Everyone will be saved.
The player in Starfield reads a text log of the probe calibration protocol during the Entangled mission.
Image credit: Augiesaint/Bethesda Game Studios

The first thing you need to do is kill all the alien enemies in the doomed world, and all of the robot enemies in the surviving world. Once all the enemies are dead, look for Rafael's corpse in the surviving world - it should be beneath the control room. He'll be carrying a Probe Calibration Protocol note, which details how to save both universes. The next thing you want to do is activate the seven switches in the doomed world, but do not touch any in the surviving world - you want to ensure all 14 switches are on, and they are on by default in the surviving world with the robots.

The player initiates degaussing in a Starfield terminal screen.
Image credit: Augiesaint/Bethesda Game Studios

Make your way to the Lab Control Computer, which is on the second floor. You'll need to flip realities a few times to access it in the surviving world though, as the path is blocked here. Whichever universe you are in, select the degaussing option.

The screen will say that some power interlocks require degaussing. Go to these switches and turn them off and then on again. Switch universes, then head back to the Lab Control Computer and repeat the process in the other reality. Check the computer in both universes to ensure you've done it correctly.

The player sets the frequency calibration to 40GHz in a Starfield terminal screen.
Image credit: Augiesaint/Bethesda Game Studios

In the surviving world, select Frequency Calibration on the computer, then select 40GHz. In the doomed world, do the same, but select 24GHz. Next, find the Primary Calibration Control, which is next to the artifact at the other end of the room from the computer.

Congratulations! You have successfully saved both universes. Rafael will be reunited with the rest of the Nishina Research Station and you'll receive the Nishina Spacesuit and Helmet for your troubles, along with a whopping 19,000 credits.

Now you know how to save both universes, you'll soon come across the Starfield Infinity's End mission, during which you have to make a crucial decision, so make sure you read our guide on the best choice. If, on the other hand, you feel a bit behind the power curve coming into this mission, check out our guides on the best Starfield builds and the best Starfield skill to get first.

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