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How to remove traits in Starfield

Here's how to remove Kid Stuff, Adoring Fan, Dream Home, and every other trait in Starfield

A close-up of the Adoring Fan's face in Starfield, seen through a sniper scope aimed directly between his eyes. The word "TERMINATE" appears in red above his head.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

How do you remove traits in Starfield? There are 17 different traits to choose from in Starfield, and with each trait offering both a positive and a negative effect, there can often be a lot of regret and disappointment later on in your playthrough when you realise you wish you'd never picked that trait.

Thankfully, there's a way to remove every single trait in the game, although it's not the same method for every trait. There's a completely different process for removing the Adoring Fan trait from removing the Kid Stuff trait. But don't worry - we'll go over all of them below.

Read on to find out how to remove every trait in Starfield, as well as how to use commands to replace one trait with another!

Note: If you want to learn more about the different traits on offer and which are the best to pick, then consult our Starfield traits guide!

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How to remove Starfield traits

Depending on what you want to remove, there are several differnt ways to remove a trait in Starfield. Some can be removed surgically, some with credits, and some by talking to the right people - it all just dpeends on what the trait is.

Here's how to remove every trait in Starfield:

TraitHow to remove trait
EmpathPay 10,000 credits at a surgery centre.
ExtrovertSpeak to Andy Signh in the Church of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis.
Freestar Collective SettlerTalk to the Mayor in Akila City.
Hero WorshippedTalk to the Adoring Fan and either tell him to leave you, or attack and kill him.
IntrovertSpeak to Andy Signh in the Church of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis.
Kid StuffSpeak to your parents and tell them you can't afford to pay them anymore, forcing them to move far away to a cheaper home.
Neon Street RatSpeak to the bartender of Madam Sauvage in Ebbside, Neon City.
Raised EnlightenedSpeak to Andy Signh in the Church of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis, and tell them you no longer wish to follow the House of the Enlightened.
Raised UniversalSpeak to Keeper Aquilis in New Atlantis and tell them you no longer wish to follow the Sanctum Universum.
Serpent's EmbraceSpeak to Mir'za in the UC Security Office in New Atlantis.
SpacedPay 10,000 credits at a surgery centre.
TaskmasterSpeak to Andy Signh in the Church of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis.
Terra FirmaPay 10,000 credits at a surgery centre.
United Colonies NativeSpeak to Administrator Rookes in the Colonial Health and Human Resources office in MAST District, New Atlantis.
WantedSpeak to one of the Bounty Hunters in New Atlantis or The Well and pay 3,000 credits to remove your bounty.

How to replace Traits in Starfield

Officially, Starfield does not allow you to add new traits to your character after character creation. So you can't replace traits that you remove with different traits through any in-game activity. However, it is possible to replace traits using Starfield console commands.

To remove a Trait, open the console with the "@" key and type the following:

player.removeperk [perk id]

Replace the [perk id] section with the ID of the trait you want to remove (the IDs are listed below).

To add a new Trait, type the following into the console:

player.addperk [perk id]

Below is a list of all the perk ids for each Trait:

Trait Perk ID
Alien DNA 227FDA
Dream Home 227FDF
Empath 227FD6
Extrovert 227FD7
Freestar Collective Settler 227FD5
Hero Worshipped 227FD9
Introvert 227FD8
Kid Stuff 227FDE
Neon Street Rat 227FD3
Raised Enlightened 227FD2
Raised Universal 227FD1
Serpent's Embrace 227FD0
Spaced 227FE2
Taskmaster 227FE0
Terra Firma 227FE1
United Colonies Native 227FD4
Wanted 227FDD

Using these commands will disable achievements, but if this is a real issue for you, you can always download the Achievement Enabler mod, which allows you to earn achievements even after using commands. To learn more, check out our guide on the best Starfield mods.

That's all there is to the matter of removing traits in Starfield. For other ways to customise your character, check out our handy guides on the best Starfield skills to pick first, and the best Starfield builds out there so far.

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