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Starfield ship ideas: Best ship designs in Starfield

Discover the best ship designs in Starfield

Image credit: Bethesda / sp7r

Looking for the best ship designs in Starfield? Creating custom ships is one of the most exciting parts of Starfield, with the ship builder tool allowing you to craft completely bespoke designs. However, it can also be a rather complex tool, making it hard to come up with creative ship ideas without getting overwhelmed. If you're looking for the best ship designs in Starfield, then look no further!

In this guide, we break down the 10 best ship designs in Starfield, covering ships from Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Halo, Mass Effect, and even Futurama.

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Best ship designs in Starfield

Here are the 10 best ship designs in Starfield:

  • X-Wing
  • Millenium Falcon
  • Razor Crest
  • Milano
  • Pelican
  • Normandy
  • Planet Express
  • The Magic School Bus
  • Batwing
  • The Unbeatable Ship

All of these ships use the building tool in incredibly creative ways, using limited parts to somehow achieve accurate renditions of ships from some of the most famous sci-fi films and series. Below, we'll dive into each of these Starfield ship designs.


Created by Fudgiebrown on YouTube (or u/Fudgiebrown on Reddit), this Starfield X-Wing is one of the best ship designs we've seen. Despite Starfield's builder tool typically creating larger ships, rather than more nimble starfighters, this user managed to cram limited parts together to perfectly recreate this fighter that looks like it'd fit perfectly among Red Squadron. Using this to tear apart those Legendary Ships in the endgame will create some perfect cinematic moments.

Millennium Falcon

Starfield image showing the Millennium Falcon constructed in the ship builder.
Image credit: Reddit: u/krunkstep77/Bethesda Game Studios

Created by u/krunkstep77 on Reddit, this Millennium Falcon attempt is an absolute behemoth. With a Cargo Capacity of 3000 and using almost the full build limit, it's an incredibly dense ship. It uses that build limit well, though, accurately recreating Han Solo's infamous smuggling ship.

Razor Crest

Another Star Wars ship, tried making the Razorleaf the Razor Crest
byu/Stupotss inStarfieldShips

The Mandalorian might have since moved on from the Razor Crest, but it's one of the best new Star Wars ship designs in the Disney era. This Reddit post from u/Stupotss crafts this iconic ship in incredible detail, perfectly capturing the scale of Mando's starfighter.

This build also employs clever use of parts to capture the chunky nature of the Razor Crest, which is hard to do organically in Starfield due to the limited array of cockpits that are all quite small.


@spectrexgaming Replying to @Diego Viana-Almeida milano starfield build guide #gamingontiktok #starfield #whattoplay ♬ Seven Nation Army - 苏七岁

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 recently capped off the adventures of Marvel's popular spacefaring crew, but you can keep the party going with this Milano build, courtesy of user spectrexgaming on TikTok.

They posted a video, embedded above, showing their Milano build in flight, before diving into a guide on how to recreate this ship for yourself. Spextrexgaming is an absolute powerhouse in the Starfield ship-building community right now, so expect to see them a lot more throughout this page.


When it comes to sci-fi video games, few ships are as iconic as Halo's Pelican. This was one of the first Starfield ship builds that spectrexgaming posted to their TikTok channel, and it's a magnificent attempt to make this troop transport ship in Bethesda's latest RPG.

In this clip, we get to see some gorgeous shots of the Pelican in flight, before they treat us to a walkthrough of the ship and, finally, a look at the take-off cutscene.


If jetting through the Milky Way in Starfield is reminding you of your other favourite sci-fi gaming series, Mass Effect, then this next build from spectrexgaming is made for you. The Normandy is an iconic starship, and spextrexgaming's video showcases their recreation with a look at it flying among the stars, before we get a full look at the interior.

Planet Express

Futurama is back with a new season on Disney+, and you can celebrate with spectrexgaming's Planet Express Starfield ship design. This is by far one of the most creative ship designs on this list, and thankfully the video embedded above has a full build tutorial.

It shows the ship in an exploded view, before going through each part to see the individual components used to piece it together. Elsewhere on their TikTok page, there is a second clip showing the Planet Express ship in flight.

The Magic School Bus

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” -Miss Frizzle (Magic School Bus ship build)
byu/SP7R inStarfield

For a ship from an animated series from your childhood, check out this Magic School Bus build from u/SP7R on Reddit. It uses Landing Gears to take the place of tires, and otherwise near-perfectly recreates the iconic vehicle from the 90s TV series using stacks of storage modules for much of the shape and portholes to replace where windows would appear.

Fair warning that this build looks huge, meaning it is likely to feel incredibly cumbersome in flight. Don't expect it to fair well while chasing down enemy ships, as agility likely isn't its strong suit.


For a ship that's more sleek and agile, the Batwing is an obvious pick. Once again built by TikTok user and ship building extraordinaire spectrexgaming, this jet black ship will let you take on the Batman mantle.

In the video embedded above, spectrexgaming gives an exploded view of the various modules and components, showing off each individual part so that you can clearly see how it all comes together.

The Unbeatable Ship

the (by AI) unbeatable ship (they shoot through the middle)
byu/Morfalath inStarfield

For the final ship design, here's one that's made the rounds on Reddit, courtesy of u/Morfalath. This design, dubbed the "unbeatable ship" is essentially the outer framing of a cube, with the sides removed. This means much of the ship is empty space, and it exploits a weakness of the enemy AI design.

In Starfield, enemy AI ships are trained to aim and fire at the middle of your ship. If the middle of your ship, well, isn't actually part of the ship and is just a big gap, then those lasers are going to fly right through and out the other side.

If lasers can't hit your ship, then you're essentially rendered invincible, making this the perfect ship to use when facing off against enemy fleets.

That wraps up our guide on the best ship designs in Starfield. If you're planning a ship for a new character, make sure to also take a look at our lists of all Starfield traits and all Starfield backgrounds, along with our guide on the best builds in Starfield. When your ship starts to fall behind, check out our guide on how to upgrade your ship.

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