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Steam Winter Sale has started

Deals galore

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales down and Boxing Day ahead, judging by the angle of the sun it must be... yes, that's it, it's time for the Steam Winter Sale. Winter may not start for another few days but hell, that doesn't stop the sale being vast and the games being cheap. Valve have another metagame for people who get into that, with Holiday Quests giving Festivity Tokens to spend in a Holiday Market. But you can also ignore that and just buy cheap games. When the servers stand back up.

Head on over to Steam to start shopping. The servers seem to have stabilised now, after initial getting slammed by a horde of bargain-hunters.

To help inspire me with recommendations (I'm a bit recommended-out after the endless blast of different sales), I'm looking at our best PC games of the decade list. So we get:

There are many more excellent games than we could fit onto our list but there's a good chunk of good games to get started on.

The Steam Winter Sale will end 6pm (10am Pacific) on January 2nd, 2020. Reader dear, what do you recommend?

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