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Steam's spine-chilling Halloween sale has begun

Spooky scary savings.

A creak behind the door. A shiver down your spine. A shriek pierces your ear, but before you can turn and run, you see it - thousands of hapless videogames, slashed into pieces by big Gabe's discount knife. Oh, The Steam Halloween Sale has very much begun, dear readers, chopping the recommended retail price out of the storefront's finest games - be they spooky or otherwise.

Running from today through November 2nd, The Steam Halloween Sale 2020 is back, with bone-chilling discounts on countless games regardless of how scary they may be. If you are in the mood for a scare, though, then this year's event does conveniently offer different lineups for Horror games, plus non-horror works that just happen to contain terrifying themes.

Spooky events? For me? Aw, you shouldn't have.

As well as sorting by genre or features (co-op, third-person, VR), there's a special carousel slot for games currently running haunting Halloween events. From The Long Dark's surprisingly ghastly Escape The Darkwalker event to Deep Rock "Ghoulactic" and No Man's Sky's Dead Space-ish ghost ships, there's a lotta limited-time haunting from typically un-scary games.

Valve themselves have even brought back Dota 2's infamous Diretide event for the first time in seven years. Seven years! Why, it feels like only yesterday the feeds were plastered with "volvo giff diretide?

As for deals, its your usual affair of small-to-massive price-cuts on pretty much every game sitting on Steam. Current horror game de jour Phasmophobia might only a paltry 10% off, but both Amnesia: The Dark Descent and A Machine For Pigs are going for pennies with a 90% discount - perfect to get you tuned in ahead of Amnesia: Rebirth.

I'm kinda surprised to see such paltry options from Steam's new points shop, mind. Valve made a big fuss over their introduction back in this year's summer sale, but even compared to that event's underwhelming offerings, the Halloween items are a bit naff - just one background and one frame to spend your nonsensical e-bucks on.

The Steam Halloween sale wraps up at 5pm UK time on Monday - enough time to snag a last-minute spook before we all hunker down for the long, cold winter ahead.

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