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SteamWorld Dig 2 is burrowing its way onto PC

Buried treasure

Platformer mine-'em-up SteamWorld Dig 2 [official site] was announced way back in February for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s going to be heading to PC, too, and unlike its predecessor it'll arrive "within a few days of the Nintendo Switch debut."

Here's the old Nintendo Switch announcement trailer, in case you didn't see it:

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The official announcement explains that SteamWorld Dig 2 will come to Steam and other platforms in "late summer/early fall 2017." Apparently the game is "pretty much finished now," but developers Image & Form will use the remaining months for polish.

I never got around to putting more than an hour into the original, lamentably, despite it sitting on my 3DS for a good long time. John thought it was pretty spiffy though when it came to PC. From his review:

It remains a joy. It’s calming, pleasurable, cute and tricky. It’s Spelunky for people who don’t like restarting all the time. But it’s also its own distinct notion, with its focus on progression over difficulty. SteamWorld Dig is a really lovely, very fun time. What a great thing for a game to be.

I did put a lot of time into its space-y spin-off, SteamWorld Heist, however, and gosh is it lovely. Breaking into bot-infested spaceships and making off with lots of loot and scrap is plenty of fun, but it’s the smart, tactical combat that got its hooks into me.

SteamWorld Dig 2 is more concerned with rummaging around below the ground in search of treasure. It’s all about going as deep as you can, filling your sack with minerals and gems, before legging it back to the safety of the surface.

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