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Stray Sheet Music locations: Where to find all of the Sheet Music for the Meowlody achievement trophy

Learn where to find all eight Sheet Music collectibles in Stray

Want to find all of the Sheet Music locations in Stray? In Stray, you control an adventurous feline lost in a gorgeous dystopian city. When you first enter the Slums area early in your adventure, you'll meet a guitar-strumming robot named Morusque. Morusque asks you to find pieces of Sheet Music scattered around the city, of which there are eight in total. However, this is no easy task. The Slums are dense, and the Sheet Music locations are well-hidden.

In this guide, we break down all of the Sheet Music locations in Stray. As you find Sheet Music in the world, you’ll notice that they each have a number out of eight in the name, which should help you easily remember which ones you’ve already found.

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All Sheet Music locations in Stray

Below, you’ll find every Sheet Music location in Stray:

After finding a Sheet Music location, head back to Morusque to hand it in. If you're struggling to spot Morusque, you'll find him sat down with his guitar near the entrance to the sewers. If you're facing the large illuminated tower where you first meet Guardian, simply turn left and stroll down the alleyway - you'll find Morusque sat down nearby. If you hand in all eight pieces of Sheet Music to Morusque, you will earn the "Meowlody" achievement/trophy.

It's important to note that once you leave the Slums and enter the sewers, you won't be able to return to the Slums. This will prevent you from finding any remaining Sheet Music locations or giving them to Morusque for the remainder of this playthrough.

Sheet Music 1: Momo’s flat

The first Sheet Music you’ll find is in Momo’s flat, very early on in your adventure after reaching the city. As you enter through the window, turn left and head down the small corridor until you reach the storage room.

Stray screenshot showing a cat in a murky corridor. The cat is staring at a door with some bars underneath.

The door is locked, but you can pass through the bars and go through a small opening below to get inside. Climb up some boxes in the storage room and look on the shelf to find the first Sheet Music.

Stray screenshot showing a cat staring at a piece of sheet music on a shelf in a dark room.

Sheet Music 2: Outside Clementine’s apartment

Shortly after, you can find another piece of Sheet Music outside of Clemetine’s apartment. You should find yourself on a balcony outside the apartment. Look around on this balcony to spot a turquoise awning hanging over a small set of garden furniture. Hop onto the garden table beneath the awning to find the second Sheet Music.

Stray screenshot showing a cat stood on a garden table on a balcony. The cat is staring at a piece of sheet music. On the left, the street below is lit with neon signs.

Sheet Music 3: Elliot's house

The third piece of Sheet Music is located in Elliot’s house, and it should be fairly easy to spot. As you enter, look on the wall opposite the door to find a large painting of a robot. You’ll find the third Sheet Music attached to the painting, so simply saunter over and take it.

Stray screenshot showing a cat staring at a large painting on a wall. The room has a mattress on the floor, and there is a piece of sheet music attached to the painting.

Sheet Music 4: The Market Place

In Stray, the Slums have a market place where you can meet a robot merchant named Azooz. This market place is found in an alleyway near the illuminated tower where you meet Guardian. Azooz sells the fourth Sheet Music in exchange for one Energy Drink Speed 2K can. You can find an Energy Drink Speed 2K can nearby, as there is a Vending Machine by Morusque in the opposite alleyway. Simply strut over to the Vending Machine to grab an energy drink and trade it with Azooz to get the fourth piece of Sheet Music.

If you want to find every Energy Drink Speed 2K can, check out our Stray Vending Machines locations guide.

Stray screenshot showing a cat talking to a robot wearing a poncho and a cowboy hat. A box on the right says "Azooz: This is a music sheet. A wonderful piece of art of a very renowned artist!"

Sheet Music 5: Upstairs in Dufer Bar

The fifth Sheet Music is found in Dufer Bar. When you enter, make your way upstairs and over to the middle booth. Hop up onto the table in this booth to find the fifth piece of Sheet Music.

Stray screenshot showing a cat on top of a table in a bar booth. The room is illuminated in a dim red light, and the cat is staring at a piece of sheet music on the table.

Sheet Music 6: Inside Clementine's apartment

After finding the Sheet Music outside of Clementine’s apartment, you’ll be able to find another nearby. Head into Clementine’s apartment and look for a sliding wooden door with holes that you can hop through. After hopping through, turn right to find a tall bookshelf by Clementine’s bed. The sixth Sheet Music is low down on the bookshelf, so simply walk over to grab it.

Stray screenshot showing a cat staring at a tall bookshelf next to a bed. There is a piece of sheet music on the bookshelf.

Sheet Music 7: Doc's library

Doc's Library is another key story location in Stray, and it is also a Sheet Music location. You can find Doc's Library by heading up to the rooftops and hopping across. It is marked with one of the symbols that Momo tells you to find, as it also contains a notebook that is important for the main quest.

After entering Doc's Library, look around inside to find Doc's piano and hop up to grab the seventh Sheet Music.

Stray screenshot showing a cat perched on a piano surrounded by stacks of books. The cat is staring at a piece of sheet music.

Sheet Music 8: Mysterious Safe

Near Morusque, the robot who wants the Sheet Music, you’ll find a Mysterious Safe. To find it, continue down the alleyway towards the Sewer entrance and turn left around the corner. There’s a note on the front of the Mysterious Safe that you can examine to find a clue: Follow the Numbers. This leads you on a little quest to find the passcode, but we'll cut to the chase. The Mysterious Safe password is 1-2-8-3. If you want to follow the short quest yourself, you can find more information below.

After taking the note from the safe, you'll probably want to look for numbers. There are some posters with numbers in an alleyway nearby, but they’re simply there to distract you. Instead, ask around the nearby robots to learn that you should talk to Elliot.

Head to Elliot, who can decipher the binary code to get another clue: Dufer Bar. Head to the bar and jump on the counter on the ground floor. There, interact with the picture above the neon Dufer Bar sign. This will knock the picture down and reveal the Mysterious Safe code: 1-2-8-3. Head back to the Mysterious Safe and input the code to get the eighth and final piece of Sheet Music.

Stray screenshot showing a cat staring into a glowing safe in a dark, garbage-filled alleyway. There is a piece of sheet music inside the safe.

That covers how to find every Sheet Music location in Stray. After handing them all into Morusque, you should see the "Meowlody" achievement/trophy appear. For more on this terrific tabby tale, check out Katharine’s Stray review. Make sure to also check out James’ piece on Stray’s PC system requirements and the best settings to use.

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