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StrifeCro's Winstreak Paladin guide

The 33 winstreak deck is here. Here's our guide to playing it.

StrifeCro's not just one of Hearthstone's most well-regarded deck creators, the popular streamer has also just set a new record in the game with an unbroken winstreak that lasted 33 games. Not a bad trick if you can pull it off.

The deck used for this momentous achievement packs in plenty of cards from the latest Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, but doesn't feature anything so outlandish that you're unlikely to own the card already - not if you've sampled a variety of decks, at least. If you need to craft some of these cards, rest assured that you're certain to get use out of them in many other decks.

StrifeCro's Winstreak Paladin deck strategy

This deck has been tweaked to perfection, just as you'd expect from this experienced deck creator. It's a Mid-Range deck, which means you want to control the early game just enough that you slide into the latter half of the match ready to snowball an unstoppable threat against your opponent. Keep the other side of the board clear as best you can, then prepare to dominate.

StrifeCro's Winstreak Paladin Mulligan guide

Look for cards like Acolyte of Pain, Knife Juggler, Shielded Minibot and Muster for Battle in your opening hand. These will allow you to make a decent presence on the board, while whittling down your opponent's threats. If in doubt, there are always cards like Truesilver Champion, Consecration and Equality to draw into and provide other backup options.

StrifeCro's Winstreak Paladin card combos

There are quite a few card synergies to keep in mind as the game develops, and you should always try to keep on top of the most significant ones. As always, you should look for the most efficient answer to the problem at hand. You've got 90 seconds to make your play, so use it.

Knife Juggler obviously works fantastically well with Muster for Battle, and getting these two cards out on the same turn can really mess up your opponent's board. Having a one-damage weapon in your hand doesn't hurt either when it comes to picking off the final bits of health here and there.

The obvious card to play alongside Consecration is Equality, and you should try to hold off from using them for as long as possible if you have them in your hand. The more your opponent puts on the board, the more they lose when the bad news comes, but watch out for Deathrattle minions. Pick the base creature off by other means before wiping out the board if you can.

The big one: Muster for Battle and Quartermaster. Most opponents will be savvy enough to expect the latter on turn five if you've already played the former and try to wipe your board – but they need to have the means to do so, so you may still get away with it. Alternatively, play both cards on the same turn from turn eight onwards to really mess up the other player's plans.

Many players overlook the powerful combination of Acolyte of Pain and Aldor Peacekeeper. That Peacekeeper can knock even the mightiest minion down to size, and give your Acolyte of Pain the perfect target dummy to drop a steady stream of cards into your hand.

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