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Subnautica Adds Lovely Tree, Awful Seatyranid

Nice and naughty

If Pip were around, she'd focus on how the latest Subnautica [official site] update added a lovely big undersea tree and new glowing Ghost Rays to swim around it. She's a peaceful one, our Pip, probably hoping to build another wonderful seabase near that tree. However, Pip is at EGX today, so Pip can't write this. Instead, you get me telling you about the awful new hostile sealife in the aquatic explore-o-build-a-surviver's 'Dangerous Creatures' update. How do you fancy meeting a humanoid cuttlefish with knives for hands? Or what appears to be an aquatic Tyranid Hive Tyrant?

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That big ol' Tyranid is technically a Sea Dragon Leviathan, a new creature which lurks in volcanic areas and can spit lava to murder you. Nice. The CUTtlefish [just noticed that pun, eh? -ed.] is called a Warper, and it looks like a nice jellycreature until you notice the claws and excessive eyes. It can warp itself around, and apparently also warp in other creatures. Awful. Oh, and Subnautica's Crabsquids can now generate EMP blasts to zap electronics. It's all murder down in the sea today.

Except for round The Tree Cove. That's a new area in the Lost River biome (before you ask, the undersea river is brine), where the new Ghost Rays live. That does look nice.

Subnautica is, as ever, £14.99/$19.99/19,99€ on Steam Early Access. Still no firm launch date for the full version but hey, it does already have a fair bit to enjoy.

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