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Space-Octopus's Garden: Subnautica Farming Update

Cheers Ringo

The most important things in the world, we all know, are swimming in the great outdoors, admiring flora and fauna, and caring for plants. Subnautica [official site] already had most of those covered as it dunked players onto an ocean-covered alien world to explore, build bases, and survive, and now it's expanded flora-fancying too. Along the journey through Early Access, the Farming Update has added horticulture for scientific, nutritional, and decorative purposes in growbeds and pots. Subnautica's plants are gorgeous, so I'll be delighted to plant my own alien garden.

With the Farming Update, plants can be grown inside bases or outside underwater, decoratively or for serious scientific reasons. I'm delighted to see green walls added too - they're my favourite modern architecture trend. Check out this beauty by Patrick Blanc in Paris, or this one he did indoors in Hong Kong.

Farming's this update's headliner, but there's more. Abandoned bases from earlier explorers are now scattered around, which may offer materials and data if you can find them. New larger aquariums are in, filling entire rooms - a great use for a module if you ask me. New light-generating gadgets are in, to brighten up the depths. The game's lighting model is updated too, so ships, structures, and other entities correctly take on colours from the light around them and don't look so out of place.

Anyway, details on the update are here. Subnautica is £14.99 on Steam Early Access, and you can follow its development on Trello.

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I have Subnautica installed but haven't really been in the mood for crafting and building lately. This may tip me over. Members of the RPS Supporter Program can see, er, how much I like keeping plants.

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